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Get Your Garage Door Ready For Cold Weather

When cold weather comes around, you need to make sure you follow proper maintenance procedures for your home--including your garage door. When you pull up to your garage on a cold day, you probably just want to get the car parked and get in the warm house. However, be sure to follow the maintenance tips below to keep your garage door performing the way it should during cold times:

Keep the garage door track clean

You want to be sure you remove any build-up from the track of the garage door. When your garage door moves up and down to open and close, more dirt and debris will make its way into the track. This debris can cause a good amount of build-up. When it gets colder outside, this build-up will become hard and can cause your garage door to not work correctly. You can use a wire brush to clean the debris from the track.

Clean off the weather stripping

Make sure you take a damp rag and go over all of the weather stripping. While you are cleaning it, you also want to check it for any damage and repair any areas that need it. If you have damaged weather stripping, it can allow ice and/or snow to come into your garage. Be aware that even a little crack is cause for concern. As the weather gets colder that little crack can grow quickly, leading to problems. 

Lubricate the garage door's moving parts

After you've made sure to clean out the tracks and clean off all the weather stripping, you want to be sure you lubricate the moving parts of the garage door with regular grade machine oil. The parts you want to lubricate include the bushings, hinges, tracks and rollers. When it gets cold these parts can get sticky and this can lead to them not working correctly and possibly causing damages to your garage door. After you have oiled all the parts, take a clean rag to remove any excess oil. 

You want to be sure you keep an eye on your garage door winter; and, any time you see that it isn't working correctly, be sure to address the issue. By forcing a garage door to go up and down constantly when it sticking, you are running the risk of making bigger problems. Call a professional, like Action Garage Door, right away to be on the safe side.