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Improve Your Building's Energy Efficiency

Many commercial buildings are covered with alternating layers of tar paper and asphalt. As sheets of tar paper are laid down on the roof, the installers will overlap the layers so that the seams of of layers are covered. The layer of asphalt between each layer further helps to prevent leaking. After three to five layers, installers will top off the installation with a layer of gravel to protect the asphalt. The problem with this installation method is that asphalt absorbs heat from the sun, and then heats up the building below. If you want to keep your costs low, you need to improve the energy efficiency of your building. 

The Beauty of White

White absorbs less of the sun's light than any other color. Simply coating your roof with white rocks can help to decrease the heat gain through your roof; however, white rocks are not the best option out there. Painting over your commercial roofing with white paint can create a better advantage than rocks.

The very best option is a white rubber membrane. A membrane will improve the weatherproofing for your roof and reflect the sun's energy away from your building. While the rubber membrane will cost more than other options, its benefits last longer and it's durable. Any white roofing material however, will help extend your roof's life because it prevents heat warping.

The Energy Savings of a White Roof

An asphalt roof can easily heat up to one-hundred and fifty degrees. When your roof gets that hot, you have to know that the building underneath will get hot also. A white roof will stay much cooler, up to 70 degrees cooler than an asphalt roof. The cooler your roof is, the cooler your building will be. You can reduce your cooling costs by up to 20% simply by using a white roof. 

A business owner will only stay in business as long as costs stay lower than then expenditures. Thus, no business can afford to pay too much for cooling costs. While improving the energy efficiency of your roof might cost a little bit of money, you can save a lot of money over the long run. Not only can you keep your cooling costs lower, but you can reduce the amount you have to pay for repair and replacement. Installing a white roofing membrane on your building can help you to do your part for the environment while still helping to improve your bottom line.