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Repairing The Obstruction Sensors On A Garage Door

If a garage door were to close on a person or pet, the pressure of the garage door could prove fatal. To prevent such accidents, garage door manufacturers use obstruction sensors. These sensors are designed to detect people, pets, or objects that could be harmed if the door were to close. If an obstruction is detected, the sensors send a signal to stop the door. While this system works, sensors can malfunction, and when they do, repairs are required to get your door working again.

How Sensors Get out of Alignment

Sensors are located close to the floor where they can be used to detect problems. While the location is ideal for finding obstructions, it also puts the sensors in harm's way. Tricycles, pets, lawnmowers, and other things can easily bump a sensor and force it out of alignment. 

What a Sensor Malfunction Looks Like

Often you don't know that you have a problem with your sensors until they stop working. A garage door with damaged sensors will open like normal but will not close like it should. The door will start to open, and then reverse direction even when there is no obstruction present. Thus, you will not be able to close your garage door. Leaving a garage door open leaves everything in your garage exposed, so you will need to do your best to fix your door. 

How to Realign Sensors

Sensors are mounted to a bracket that attaches to the garage door rail. This bracket can easily get bent, so most often when your sensor malfunctions, you can fix the problem by carefully bending the sensor until you are able to realign the sensors.

The sensor should be equipped with a light that tells you when it is out of alignment. A red light indicates a problem; whereas, a green light indicates that all is well. Gently maneuver your bracket until the indicator lights on both sensors light up. 

Sensors can create a major malfunction for a garage door, but often the malfunction can be easily fixed. Not all problems with sensors have to do with a sensor that is out of alignment, but before you call in someone to make repairs, you should do what you can to make repairs on your own. Sometimes a little time spent tinkering with a sensor can save you money, but when your own best efforts are not enough, you can always call in professionals (such as Dependable Overhead Doors) for help.