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How To Remodel Your Senior Parents' Bathroom For Safety

Being the adult child of senior parents, you worry about their safety all of the time. Most seniors also worry about slips and falls and what it could mean to their brittle bones and their independence. One of the riskiest rooms in an elderly person's home is the bathroom, because the standard tub requires most seniors to lift their legs and feet higher than they are able, causing them to trip and fall. If you want to increase safety in your aging parents' bathroom, here is what you can do.

Install Grab Bars

Grab bars next to the toilet help your elderly parents lift and lower themselves from the toilet. It gives them something to grab onto if their feet start to slip on the tile or linoleum. Put grab bars near the outside of the tub and put them inside the tub and shower too. Most grab bars can be purchased from a medical supply store or home improvement store.

Switch out the Facilities

Changing how your aging parents access the toilet and the tub will also ensure their safety in the bathroom. 

  • Elevate the toilet by installing a high round or oblong toilet and seat. This way your parents do not have far to go when they sit down or stand up from the toilet and there is less of a chance that their feet will slip or they will have to struggle to stand up.
  • Install senior bathtubs in at least one of the bathrooms in their home so that they can freely walk in and out of the tub, pull the swinging door shut behind them, sit upright and enjoy a hot bath or shower without slipping or falling. The Jacuzzi features on most of these tubs also help relieve pain and stiffness, increasing mobility and leading to less slips and falls. Talk to a company like Carefree Walk In Tubs to explore your options.

​If either of your parents also suffer crippling arthritis in their hands and/or wrists, you may want to switch the faucet and handles for larger, easier to turn handles or a motion sensing faucet. It will make it less painful to turn on and off and less risky when their hands are wet and they begin to slip.

Other Options for a Safe Senior Bathroom

When remodeling your parents' bathroom, consider putting a less slippery type of flooring in and removing tile or linoleum. There are some slip-proof flooring choices available from flooring contractors that you can use. Also, remove floor and bathroom rugs. They can be the cause of many trips and slips that are easily preventable. Good lighting is equally important to preventing slips and falls at night, so you may want a contractor to install sensor lighting in the bathroom too.