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Benefits Of Clean Air Ducts

Just about everyone has heard ads on the radio or on television about having their air ducts cleaned. However, not many people know why they should have their air ducts cleaned out. Most companies recommend that they be cleaned every three to five years. Here are some of the reasons why you should have your air ducts cleaned.

To help prevent the buildup of dust.

If dust builds up in the ducts, it can collect moisture, mildew, and mold. When the air blows through the ducts, spores from the mildew and mold can be spread throughout the house. In turn, this can cause those who live in the house to become sick. 

For anybody who has asthma or allergies, having dust or mold and mildew spores blown throughout the house can make it more difficult for those with these respiratory issues to breathe as freely.

Dust build up can also reduce the ability of the air to flow throughout the home. Especially during the coldest and hottest months of the year, this can cause energy costs to go up, because the air conditioner and the furnace will need to work harder to cool and heat the home, respectfully. 

To clean any debris that may have been dropped in the vents.

Sometimes when there are children in a home, they find it fun to drop debris, such as cereal, toys, or garbage, into the vents. This can cause them to be clogged, making it more difficult for the air to flow freely. In the case of food, there is also the risk of the food beginning to mold.

To clean out pet hair.

For those who have pets, especially those with fur, air duct cleaning is particularly important. When the animals shed, their hair can be sucked into the vents, which can cause buildup and have them become clogged. The hair can also clog the air filter, which may cause the coil in the air conditioner to freeze. Not only can this raise energy costs, it can also potentially break the coil.

To clean new houses.

Whether someone is moving into a house that was previously owned or rented or they have just built a new house, they should definitely make sure the air ducts are cleaned. If any work has been done on a house, sawdust and other particles can clog the vents, again causing difficulties in air flow. With previously lived-in houses, it is hard to be certain when the air ducts were last cleaned, so it is a good idea to have it done to prevent any issues.