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4 Surprising Reasons To Care For Your Garage Door

Most families have a laundry list of chores around the house that need to get done, and fixing the garage door usually doesn't get top billing. True, it's not as pressing as fixing the fridge or as noticeable as mowing the lawn, but it's still important. Keeping your garage door in good shape isn't just about convenient access. There are four more reasons to get that repair done as soon as possible.

1. Crime

If you just use your garage for storage, you might think you can get away with leaving the main door completely or partially broken. After all, you only go in there to grad the occasional tool. Unfortunately, this is just the sort of logic that leads to silly mistakes criminals can take advantage of. Eventually, you're going to need to open that main door, and it's going to be such a pain you aren't going to want to put it down. 

2. Injury and Property Damage

Your automatic garage door operates on some very powerful springs and pulleys, and the door itself can easily weigh more than 300 pounds. That means that a garage door that kind of works is an accident waiting to happen. If you're pulling your car in under a creaky door with a motor making painful noises, it's only a matter of time until something snaps and a heavy door comes crashing down on your hood. Don't wait for disaster to strike your car or, even worse, your kids. Contact a qualified garage door repair service instead.

3. Ventilation

If you're a do-it-yourselfer, you know the importance of having a great work space with adequate ventilation. If you want to varnish a new chest of drawers or fire up the blowtorch, you need a work space with plenty of air circulation. There's no better spot than the garage--as long as your garage door works, of course. If your door is broken, you'll find yourself putting off all sorts of pesky weekend projects around the house because you can't use your best available work space. Aim for efficiency by keeping your door up to code.

4. Fire Safety

Last but not least, you should keep your door in working order because you can never have too many accessible exists from a home. Since many people store extra gasoline and flammable chemicals in their garages, having multiple escape points from the garage is especially important. You don't want to be struggling to lift a heavy garage door on your own while the room fills with smoke. Get those repairs done today and you won't have anything to worry about.

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