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Get Rid Of Those Eyesores On Your House: 2 Tips To Fix It Up

No matter if your home has perfectly manicured lawns, beautiful landscaping, etc., if the exterior of your home looks bad none of this makes any difference. Follow the tips below to bring your home from drab to fabulous.

Asphalt Shingle Roof

A roof can last for many years, but the type of roof you have will affect its lifespan. If you have been looking at the same roof for some time, or have repaired it many times, you should get a new one. An asphalt roof is likely what you will see on many homes in your neighborhood. When choosing this type of roof you can choose fiberglass, or you can choose organic if you are concerned about the environment.

A fiberglass shingle includes a mat that is made from fiberglass. The shingle is then waterproofed by applying an asphalt coating. The last step is to top the shingle off with small ceramic granules, which are needed to protect your roof from the sun's harmful rays.

Less asphalt is used on this type of shingle because of the fiberglass mat. This results in a shingle that is lightweight and durable.

Organic shingles have a layer of recycled felt paper, a layer of adhesive asphalt, and then small ceramic granules are the last layer. These shingles are heavier when compared to fiberglass shingles because more asphalt is used, and they may not last as long. This is because they absorb water easily, which can cause them to warp over a period of time.

Work with a roofing contractor like Miller Roofing & Guttering Inc. to see what option works for you. 

Concrete Driveway

A driveway takes a lot of abuse with cars driving over it constantly. Over time, it can start to crack and have large holes if the cracks are not taken care of promptly. Inspect your driveway to see if you have any cracks. If so, you can purchase a cement filler at a home supply store to fill them in.

If your driveway has many cracks or holes, you should install a new one. When installing a new concrete driveway, you are not limited with that plain boring gray color. The concrete contractor can paint a color on the concrete, or add the color to the mix before it is poured. He or she can also install stamped concrete, which is where an array of patterns is embedded into the wet concrete right after it is laid. The contractor can also install a new driveway using concrete pavers.

Following these two tips can transform your house more than you may realize. Once you are done with this, continue by painting your siding, adding new windows, and more.