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Three Options You Have With Water Wells And Pump Systems For Your Home

If you need to have a water well for your home, there are many options for the systems you have installed. The first step in the process will be drilling the water well, and then you will have to choose pumps, filters and power solutions for your well. These can be things like submersible pumps, ram pumps, and solar powered systems. Here are some of the things you will want to consider to get the water to your home once you have your water well drilled:

1. Submersible Pumps For Self-Contained Well Solutions

If you have a home in an urban setting, you may have limited space for your well equipment. You may even have your well located very close to your home. If you want to have a self-contained well pump system, submersible pumps are a great solution. These are pumps that are installed in the well casing, and in addition to being self-contained inside the well, they are also protected from damage and freezing deep inside the well-casing.

2. Well-Houses And Solar-Powered Pumps For Energy Efficiency

You may want to be able to maintain your pump and have easy access to it. As an alternative to a submersible pump, you can build a well house and install a more conventional type of pump. This is a great way to also add solar power to your pump and home. For the roofing on your well house, you can use solar panels and install a couple of batteries and converter to power your pump and a few tools that you may need to use when doing maintenance tasks.

3. Ram Pumps And Cisterns For Minimal Water Needs

There are also gravity-operated pumps, which are called ram pumps. These low-pressure pumps work with a series of valves to pump water. If you need to add a pump to a small cabin or vacation home, you can use a ram pump and cistern to provide water to your home. With this type of system, you may also want to have a sanitizing system or water filtration for water that is needed for potable uses. These pumps will not require any energy to run and have no extra costs for your well water.

These are some of the things that you will want to consider when looking for the right pump for your water well. If you need to have a well drilled or a pump installed, contact a water well drilling service like Valley Well Drilling to get the water flowing in your home.