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Enjoy An Idyllic Garden Patio

The patio is your opportunity to mix the best of both worlds – indoor and outdoor. You have the beauty of outside combined with the convenience of your home. An idyllic garden patio should provide a seamless transition between your yard and the patio itself. Transform your backyard into a garden escape.

Lay the Foundation

The first step of your patio design is deciding what your flooring material is going to be. One option is the barefoot patio. For this flooring, Sunset Magazine suggests mixing pavers with grass. Have the contractors lace the stones with the grass or even thyme for a fragrant patio experience. It's still advisable to fully pave any area on which you're planning to put furniture.

Add an Arbor

Even though your goal is to spend time outdoors, you'll want at least some protection from the elements. An arbor gives you this. At its most basic, an arbor is a shelter on lattice panels. However, transform yours into a living shelter by trailing plants over the top. Climbing roses and grape vines are the classic plants for an arbor. However, if you want to get more creative, consider vine plants such as honeysuckle, morning glory or jasmine.

Include a Water Feature

The way to truly make your patio a respite from the day is to create a feeling of solitude. To block out neighboring sounds, include a water feature in your plans. You can add a simple fountain to one corner and enjoy the sound of trickling water. However, if your patio is slightly elevated, consider a small waterfall. The water cycles from a pool installed on the patio to one below. A waterfall really shuts out the sounds of the rest of the world.

Create a Niche

For even more restful solitude, carve out a niche. One option is to use tall plants to create a hidden spot. However, you can also create the feeling of separation with the décor. For instance, if you enjoy reading outdoors, set up a comfortable chair on top of an area rug with an accent table nearby for your beverage or snack. Use a wall hanging or a well-placed plant to further add distinction to the space.

Transition to the Garden

The final step to your idyllic patio is the transition to the yard. How you achieve this largely depends on your current landscaping. However, the goal is to find a way to blur the line between the patio and the garden. For example, let a decorative garden tree provide the shade for your cozy niche. A selection of large plants in planters scattered around the patio gives a similar effect.

For more information about patios, contact Ray's Four Seasons Sun Rooms or a similar company.