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The Benefits Of A Good Fire Alarm System

If there is a fire at your home or business, then you could stand to take huge losses--both financially and physically (smoke inhalation, loss of life, etc.). Therefore, it is critical that you have an effective and reliable fire alarm system. When browsing your options, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind:

Comprehensive Heat and Smoke Detection

Many older fire alarms might just detect the presence of smoke. More modern systems are able to detect drastic changes in heat as well. The most advanced systems keep track of and analyze complex heat maps to track the distribution of heat throughout the house. This allows the system to alert you about fires as soon as possible.

Try to find a system that has both heat and smoke detection. It may be a bit more expensive, but it is a lot safer and more reliable. Talk with a place like Fyr Fyter Inc to better understand different alarm monitoring options.

Effective Sprinklers

If there is a fire, then putting it out should be your top priority. Many fires can be extinguished long before the fire department is called if the proper precautions are in place. While fire extinguishers should be present in every home, you might not always be available to use them. In such a case, you definitely want to have an effective sprinkler system set up. When a fire alarm is activated, the sprinklers should kick in and douse the fire.

When shopping, keep in mind that cheaper sprinkler systems might spray the whole house in the event of a fire or might not have very sensitive response criteria. More expensive systems can respond locally to signs of a fire and only drench a single room. They are also harder to accidentally set off, which can save you a fair bit of money in water damage repairs.

Insurance Deductibles

Having a good fire alarm system can also save you quite a bit of money on your insurance. If you are lucky, you might even cover the entire cost of your alarm system over several years of reduced insurance premiums.

Cheaper homeowners' insurance is the obvious candidate for reduced premiums. However, you can also save money on health and life insurance if you have a safe home. Your insurance company will be more confident in the safety of your person and home if there are proper anti-fire measures in place. If you want to take a mortgage, then the bank might insist that you have a proper fire alarm system.