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Hurricane Windows Are Good For Any Homes

Hurricane windows are often referred to as storm or impact windows. The name implies that these windows are only necessary in areas the are subject to severe weather events, like hurricanes. However, this article shows that hurricane windows are great for homes in just about any climate. There are many great benefits to installing hurricane windows on your property, whether you live in Alaska or Southern California. You want to choose a window product that is durable and stylish, like vinyl.

Energy Efficiency  

Even if you live in a mild climate region, you will enjoy the energy efficient perks of vinyl hurricane windows. Compared to normal vinyl windows, the sashes of hurricane windows are thicker. This helps greatly with the thermal insulation of the fixture. Vinyl is also an ideal material since it does not warm up as quickly as aluminum or plastic. Storm windows also have tempered glass and multiple panes that help reduce solar absorption. The space in between the panes is filled with pressurized air, which serves as a vital buffer zone against the elements. On a sunny day, the inside pane will not be so hot to the touch. By reducing heat gain, you interior will not be so susceptible to the weather, allowing you to run your air conditioner much less during hot, sunny days.

More Strength and Safety

The thicker frames and tempered glass in storm windows mean that your fixtures will also be safer and more protected. Tempered glass is engineered so it is slightly flexible and much less likely to shatter. When it does break, the glass breaks into small round pebbles, instead of sharp glass. This is the main reason they are often required in regions where hurricanes actually occur. The window fixture can withstand debris striking the glass and frame at high speeds.

Added Sound Insulation

No matter where you live, you might also love the fact that storm windows have much better sound insulation. If you live in a loud neighborhood or close to busy roads, you will enjoy some extra soundproofing. This might not be your main reason for investing in hurricane windows, but it is a very nice perk.

Hurricane windows will cost more to install. However, you might find that they pay for themselves over the years through your reduced utility bills. Whether you live in a cold, hot or mild climate, you will enjoy having more efficient and durable window fixtures. To find out more, speak with someone like Fas Windows and Doors.