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Prolonging The Life Of Your Home's Vinyl Siding

If you had just had vinyl siding installed on your home's exterior, you are most likely enjoying the beauty it has added to the aesthetics of your abode. To keep vinyl siding looking sharp, there are several maintenance steps you can take to help it retain its favorable appearance. Here are some ways to keep your vinyl siding looking like new for years to come.

Replace Falling Pieces

Regularly walk around the exterior of your home to check that your siding panels are securely in place. If one happens to get blown by wind or bumped by someone walking past, it may fall out of the grooved piece above it. Simply lift up the panel above the loose piece and push it back into the groove. Failing to do this will allow moisture or pests to sneak into the void, possibly damaging the look of the vinyl and underlying insulation.

Clean Off Surface Grime

It is a good idea to give your vinyl siding a thorough cleaning several times a year. This removal of debris will help keep your vinyl from wearing unevenly as sunlight can cause fading on portions not covered with grime. To clean, purchase a commercial vinyl siding cleaner and dilute in a bucket of water according to the package directions. Place an old towel or inside-out sweatshirt over the bristles of a broom. Secure into place with electrical tape. Dip the material into your cleaning solution and brush across each vinyl panel from one side to the other. This will cleanse without scratching the vinyl in the process.

Remove Mildew Easily

If you notice portions of green or black areas on your siding, moisture may have started to cause mildew or mold to grow. This can be removed with a mixture of bleach and water. Use one cup of bleach for each gallon of water you plan on using to wash down your siding. Place in a bucket and use a soft-bristled scrub brush to cleanse by hand. Make sure to rinse well so the bleach does not alter the coloring of the siding due to over-exposure.

Take Precautions Nearby

To keep your vinyl looking its best, avoid using pesticides or herbicides near your home without covering the siding panels first. Use pieces of plastic to cover siding before spraying your lawn. You can also do this before mowing to keep siding free of tiny grass cuttings. Do not light a barbecue or fire too close to your siding as excessive heat can cause it to melt.