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5 Tools And Supplies To Have Available During DIY Concrete Step Repair

Concrete is an ideal material to use for steps attached to the front of a home or porch, but it is not an infinite material. If you live in an older home, chances are the concrete steps attached are starting to show some signs of age. While patching up those cracked, chipped, and worn concrete steps to make them as good as new is an easy enough task, you must have the right concrete supplies to get the job done right. Here are five concrete tools and supplies to make sure you have available before you get started.

1. Float Sponge - A good float sponge is a necessity during slurry coat application because it offers the nice smooth finish that you want while you are working. A concrete float sponge "floats" over the wet surface of the concrete to smooth out small discrepancies and imperfections.

2. Concrete Stair Lip Tool - While you could fashion the edges of a concrete step using just a straight-edge trowel, this can take a lot of time to get just right. A concrete stair lip tool has a slight bend on the edge that you can run along the front stair lip to give it that nice, rounded look without having to put forth a lot of effort.

3. Wide Concrete Trowel - A wide concrete trowel is a useful tool that will allow you to slather on large areas of concrete repair material at once. However, it is also great for stairs because it will be wide enough to smooth out the entire surface of each step without making several runs with a smaller trowel.

4. Stair-Width Wood Pieces - Even though forms are not a necessity during most concrete repair jobs, simple forms will be extremely helpful when you are working with stairs. Cut a few pieces of plywood about the same width as each step to have on hand. These pieces can be propped against the sides of each stair to give you that clean, straight line on each side that you are going for while you work.

5. Spray Bottle Filled with Water - During the repair process, you will be spending a lot of time forming the concrete just right, time which will allow the concrete to dry as you work. To ensure the concrete stays moist while you work, keep a good spray bottle of water on hand to give the material a quick spritz of moisture as you work.

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