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Repairing Your Commercial Building After A Tornado: What You Should Know

When you are a business owner, the last thing you may expect is to have to deal with a tornado ripping its way through your town and near your place of work. However, if this is something that happens to you, you need to know some of the steps to take to ensure that you get your building and your business back in safe, working order as soon as possible. Get to know some of the steps you should take in the process so that you can be sure you are doing the right thing for your business.

Document Everything and Contact Your Insurance Company

You do not want to start working on any repairs or even clean up of your commercial building until everything is documented (through video, photographs, and written documentation) and you speak to your insurance company. The documentation is for the benefit of your insurance company as well as for yourself so that you can be sure that you know what was damaged and the extent of the damage.

Contacting your insurance company is one of the first steps you should take, simply because they will want to assess the damage, either in person or through the documentation you provide to be sure that they are covering the right repairs and costs. The sooner you take these initial steps, the sooner you can get to the real work of getting everything back up and running.

Pay Special Attention To Your Roofing And Siding

The areas most often damaged by passing tornadoes on a building are the roofing and the siding of the building. This is most likely due to the fact that both commercial siding and roofing come in smaller panels or pieces (i.e shingles, tiles, etc.) that can easily be lifted from the sturdier underlying structure of the building itself.

As such, you will want to take a very close look at your siding and your roof. Check for any signs of warping, cracks or chips, and missing panels or pieces. If you notice any of these common post-tornado problems, contact a commercial siding and roofing contractor right away to make the necessary repairs.

It is very important that you get this done before the next storm rolls through your area, as damaged siding and roofing can leave the rest of the building vulnerable to water damage and flooding, along with the potential mold, mildew, and rot that can go along with water getting into your underlying structures. So, act as quickly as possible to get these important elements of your building back in shape quickly.

Now that you know a few of the steps you should take to repair your commercial building after a tornado, you can be sure that you are doing everything you can to get your business back up and running as soon as possible after the storm.