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Three Reasons Why You Cannot Have A Large Well Opening Anymore

Once upon a time, you would dig a massive well all on your own. Usually, this means a square or rectangular hole that went ten or more feet down until you hit water and the bottom of the well would begin to fill with water from the aquifer underneath. Then someone would haul you up and out of the well, you would build a wooden platform over the top of the well or a stone well, and that would be that. You cannot do any of that anymore, and here are three reasons why.

Modern Water Well Drilling Drills Smaller Openings by Machine

The old-fashioned way of digging a well had more to do with the fact that you had to dig a large enough space to fit one or two people down inside the well so that you could have room to keep shaping the walls, digging down and sending buckets of dirt up and out of the way. Modern well drilling does not need that much space since the hole is drilled smoothly, and the dirt moves up and out of the well as it is being drilled. The opening is more precise, narrower, and cleaner, without the bother of having to lower people in and out of it.

Large Well Openings Lead to Death and Injury

As anyone who has accidentally stepped on top of the wooden planks over an old well and fallen in will attest, large well openings are invitations to disaster. Regardless of how strong you make the well covering, it will eventually weaken with all of the weather conditions to which it is exposed. Then anybody, from a child to a beloved pet to an adult will fall in and be injured or killed. For that reason, most modern wells make it impossible for anything but teacup pets to accidentally fall into the well.

Water Is Pumped Directly into Your Home Rather Than Drawn up by the Bucket

Finally, it is no longer necessary to have a large well opening because the well pump that is lowered into the well pumps your water directly into your home. You do not need to make several trips to the well with buckets every day to get the water you need. Therefore, you do not need to construct a large well with the old brick foundation base and crank housing, nor do you need the manual cistern pump.

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