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Steps You Can Take To Initiate A Company Recycling Program

You may be considering company-wide recycling for your business. After all, recycling does not only save the environment. It helps your business save money.

Recycling helps reduce the amount of waste that your company produces. Thus, the cost of your garbage collection is minimized. Additionally, you won't have to spend as much money on office supplies when you recycle used office items such as copy paper by printing on both sides of the paper or using paper scraps for note-taking.

Regardless of the savings associated with recycling, it can be difficult to maximize recycling efforts without implementing an organized recycling program. Here are a few steps that you can take to initiate a recycling program for your organization:

Take inventory of your company's waste.

It can be difficult to know how much you could save if you don't assess the current amount of waste that your company produces. Have each department in your company review the amount of paper, plastics, and ink cartridges that are thrown away. You don't need a count of every single item. Instead, have your employees separate the waste by type and count or weigh the bags generated in each category daily or weekly. These numbers give you reference points by which to measure improvements.

Trace the waste back to its source.

Look at how the waste of your company is produced. Are you ordering new ink cartridges each time one is exhausted? Are your shipments always being received in excessively bulky cardboard packaging? Are you wasting paper?

Once you have identified the sources of the waste production, you can help minimize the waste generation.

Begin recycling efforts.

Have your company brainstorm recycling ideas, such as refilling used ink cartridges, separating office trash into recyclable categories, adding recycling bins to company break rooms, and purchasing recycled paper products. It can be helpful to offer a company-wide process improvement program that awards workers who come up with energy and cost-saving recycling ideas. This will help keep your employees conservation-minded and allow them to participate more completely in your business's recycling efforts.

Additionally, contact your waste management provider to determine what products they recycle and how to package those items for pickup. The waste management company may even offer additional conservation suggestions that may coincide with your company's goals.

To learn more ways to implement a successful commercial recycling program, schedule a consultation with an experienced conservation specialist in your area.