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3 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom into Your Personal Oasis

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most used rooms in a house. When you go to the bathroom, you require personal space away from the hectic world around you. Your bathroom should be your own personal oasis away from everything. An outdated bathroom can be depressing and actually repel you from using the room for your enjoyment. When it comes to having a bathroom that you can really relax in, even small renovations can make the room appear much larger and more appealing. Before you begin renovating the bathroom, here are three tips to help you get started. 

Convert Your Tub

If you have a bathtub but don't enjoy the idea of relaxing in a bubble bath consider converting it into a shower. Bathtubs can take a lot of space that could be used more efficiently. If you have been waiting to get a shower, then the space for the bathtub is perfect as you do not have to worry about moving the plumbing. Consider how the shower will be much easier to get in and out as you age. You could also place a small sitting area in the shower to make it safer for older adults. 

Switch to a Frameless Enclosure

Even the smallest bathroom can appear larger by trading out your traditional shower door with a frameless door. A frameless enclosure helps add fluidity and flow in a small room. A standard shower door will separate the shower space more than the innovative design of a frameless model. You can expect to pay around $1,000 for a frameless shower door. With a frameless door, you don't have to worry about metal pieces corroding and needing to be replaced. 

Pick the Right Vanity

Your vanity sets the tone for what type of design you want for the bathroom. Material and size are crucial in choosing which type of vanity will work for the room. A vanity that is too large can mess up the flow of the room, while a vanity that is too small can restrict your storage space. If you like the vanity you currently have but want to make some changes, you could just change out the faucet, countertop, or knobs. When choosing the material, you want to stick with materials that are going to hold up well in a humid and moist environment. These typically include thermofoil, wood veneer, or laminate. If you need more storage but can't put a larger vanity in, then consider wall shelves to help add more space.

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