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Frequent Sewage Backups? You May Need A Sewage Ejector Pump

Are you finding that your toilets often back up, or that your drains are often slow? If you've eliminated a clog as the potential culprit, there's a chance that your home's sewer connections are oriented in way that does not allow them to drain as effectively. The best solution for this issue is often to have a sewage ejector pump installed. Here's a closer look.

Why do some homes need a sewage ejector pump?

Ideally, the pipes leading from your home's sinks, toilets, and tubs and towards the public sewer line would be oriented in a downhill fashion so that gravity ensures everything flows swiftly in the right direction. However, if your home is built at the bottom of a hill or has an odd plumbing layout, the pipes may not be as sloped as is ideal. The waste may end up where it is supposed to, but it will flow there more slowly. When you send a large volume of water down the system or are using several drains at once, you may overwhelm your sewage pipes, causing a backup since waste can't drain quickly enough.

What is a sewage ejector pump?

A sewage ejector pump is a pump that propels waste down your sewer line and towards the main, street-level, public sewer line. Essentially, the pump "assists" gravity, propelling waste down the sewer line faster than it would travel on its own. This should eliminate the backups you experience and allow you to use multiple drains at once without worry.

Where is a sewage ejector pump installed?

Your plumber will assess the layout of your pipes and the degree of backups you're experiencing to determine the best placement for the pump. In many homes, the pump is best placed in the basement, where it captures all sewage coming from the home and propels it towards the street. However, if you have a toilet that's placed on the same level as your sewer line or another unconventional plumbing setup, the pump may be best placed directly beneath that toilet or in another location. Every home is different.

If you are experiencing slow drains throughout your home or frequent sewage backups, contact your plumber or a sewer cleaning company like First Class Plumbing of Florida Inc.. They can analyze your need for a sewage ejector pump and give you an estimate for the installation. There's no need to go on living with smelly, dysfunctional drains when a single appliance can fix the problems once and for all.