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Tips For An Office Deep Cleaning

Whether it's in the spring or not, a yearly office cleaning can really boost comfort and productivity in the office. Here are some ways to make this process go quickly.

Rent a Roll Off Dumpster

You might have a lot of junk to get rid of in your office, so it might require a bigger waste bin than what you normally keep in the office. Roll off dumpsters are one helpful option for throwing away all of your garbage in one fell swoop. A roll off dumpster rental company can also deliver the dumpster to your office and pick up the waste, distributing it to a recycling service or other waste management facility. Having a single spot where employees can throw everything will simplify the process by ensuring there's less that needs to be thought through during cleaning.

Make it an Event

Cleaning goes much faster if everyone in the office has a say and cooperates. You could announce an office cleaning party with pizza after the cleaning is done.

Do an Initial Sweep

When you have everyone together and ready to clean, the first thing would be to have everyone throw out personal items from their desk that they don't actually need. This could include old papers that are irrelevant now, broken office supplies, and other junk that has accumulated.

Get Old Files Out

Another step would be to get some boxes going with files that have been sitting around since last year. If they are no longer relevant to the current business activities, but you still want to keep them around for a while longer, consider sending these boxes to a file archiving facility that will automatically shred the documents after the number of years you specify. This way, you can still access the documents if you need to for any reason, but they aren't cluttering your employees' workspaces.

Audit Every Item

Many communal items can stick around longer than they need to because no one is sure who else uses them. You could hold an auction of sorts, where someone has to speak for each item to show that it's currently being used. When you discover that no one actually uses an item, it's a perfect candidate for recycling. At the least, you could move these items to a storage facility so that they are out of your way.


Finally, when it comes to deep cleaning, you might want to have a cleaning service handle these tasks. You'll be able to return to an office that is clutter-free and clean.