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Good Tree Services And Good Communication Make Good Neighbors

Despite good intentions and good landscaping design, trees have a way of growing up and out all on their own. When your trees (or their roots) begin encroaching on your neighbor's property, you should address this right away. Your neighbor does not appreciate having to take care of part of your tree or the leaves that fall on their property. Here is how to handle this situation with aplomb.

Talk to the Neighbor

If you do not know this neighbor, now is a good time to introduce yourself. Apologize for the mess your tree is making. Chances are, they are already quite upset about it, and apologizing right at the beginning of the conversation helps to smooth whatever ruffled feathers there are. Then discuss how to best handle the tree situation. If this neighbor absolutely does not want your tree anywhere near his/her yard, you need one of the local tree services to fix this.

Meet with a Tree Services Expert to Discuss Options

Homeowners automatically go to the "chop down" option when it comes to encroaching trees. However, there may be a couple other options for your situation. If the tree has not grown exceedingly tall or exceptionally wide, the tree services company may be able to just uproot the tree and plant it somewhere else on your property. There it will not be a bother to anyone for at least twenty years or more (or until the tree dies, whichever comes first). Pruning running roots and branches may also be an option.

After You Make a Choice, Talk to Your Neighbor Again

After you have made your choice about what to do with this tree, keep up the good communication with your neighbor. It is a good idea to inform him/her about what you intend to do with this tree. This is especially true if the tree service people will need to access the neighbor's yard to address the tree from that side.

Make sure that whatever option you chose is the least invasive to the other neighbor's yard. That way, the least amount of damage to his/her property is created. Also, let him/her know that you will set up an appointment to deal with the tree, and if he/she would like to be home for this, you need a couple of days that work well for both of you. Then call the tree service company back and set up a date and time to deal with the tree.