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Wiring Problems and Tripped Circuit Breakers: When It's Time to Call an Electrician

When you own a home, you will notice plenty of quirks. Maybe you can't run your microwave and dishwasher at the same time, or your overhead lights flicker when it's really windy out. While these and other issues may not seem like a big deal, a residential electrician should be called to determine what is going on. While you can remedy the situation of an overloaded circuit by not using several appliances at once, breakers that trip often should be checked out to see if there is a malfunction. In the case of flickering lights, this can be a big problem with your wiring and could lead to a fire if not addressed properly.

If Your Lights Flicker

There are a number of reasons your lights may flicker when it is really windy or someone is walking on the second floor. Loose wiring is the main culprit, and this can be due to an outdated system. You could even have damage to your wires because of mice or other rodents in your ceiling. An electrician will be able to look over your electrical system and determine if you need to upgrade or not. If you ignore the problem, you may cause serious damage to your home.

When Lights Dim

If your lights go dim on occasion, this also indicates you are having a problem with your wiring and electrical system. Pay attention to when this occurs so that you can let your electrician know what is going on. When your lights are drawing too much power, the lights can go dim to protect the circuit.

When Circuits Are Tripped

A circuit breaker will trip when the circuit is drawing too much power. This is usually a problem in kitchens, where you have a number of modern appliances at work. You might discover that every time you use a particular outlet to vacuum, your circuit breaker trips. While a tripped circuit once in a while is a nuisance, frequently tripped circuits indicate that you have a problem. Identify the circuits that you have to chronically reset and talk with your electrician about what your options are. They may be able to rewire a few circuits so that the work is more spread out through your electrical system.

If you are experiencing any type of electrical problem in your home, call a professional. It isn't worth the risk of trying to fix a problem yourself or ignoring an issue that could cause a fire hazard.