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5 Things To Consider Including In Concrete Patio And Sidewalk Design

Are you working to come up with a plan for a new sidewalk and/or patio? If so, you're going to have lots of decisions to make. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you end up with the concrete sidewalk and patio for your personal situation.

1. Handicap Accessibility

One thing that should always be considered when designing a sidewalk leading to the home is handicap accessibility. If you have an aging loved one, or are getting older yourself, now is the time to think about how you'll get in and out of the house if you get to the point where you cannot physically do the things that you do today.

Thinking about this now will make it possible to come up with a design that will work safely with wheelchairs and walkers. If a slope is too steep, it will not be safe to use for those that are physically challenged.

2. Handrails

Will you be installing handrails on the sidewalk? Handrails can help when the body gets older, but it can also help now when the conditions are less than ideal. If there's ice or snow on the sidewalk, it can become slippery – that handrail can be the one thing that saves your hip when it prevents your fall.

3. Textured Surface

Concrete can be finished with a textured surface so that the water runs off of the surface and the traction is improved. The texture can be simple designs made with a trough, or it can be intricate and beautiful designs put in place using a stamp – or a combination of the two methods.

4. Colors

Colors can be included in concrete design without painting the surface. Paint peels eventually, but if the concrete is stained with acid or water-based concrete stain, it will last many, many years before it needs to be redone.

5. Under-surface Heating

If you live in a cold climate and want to avoid the need to shovels snow and scrape away ice, under-surface heating is something to consider. Before the concrete is poured, pipes are installed. Hot water will flow through these pipes and warm the concrete as needed. You can choose a system that automatically turns on when the conditions warrant the need or a system that requires you to manually turn it on to begin thawing the snow and ice.

Talk with your local concrete contractor to find out what else you'll need to decide when the time comes to move forward with this project.