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Reasons To Choose Cedar Wood Fencing For Your Backyard

If you've decided to install a wood fence around your backyard, the next step is to choose the type of wood you'll use. You have a few options, but two common ones are pressure treated pine and cedar. Of the two, cedar wood fencing is a good choice when you want durable fencing that lasts a long time and needs little maintenance. Here's why cedar is a good type of wood to use for a backyard fence.

Cedar Needs Less Maintenance

Cedar is a harder wood than pine so it is less prone to damage. That means it will probably need fewer repairs over the life of the fence and it will have a longer life. You won't have to do a lot to take care of cedar due to the natural oils it contains. The oils protect the fence from water damage because the water beads up rather than soak into the wood pickets. Because of this quality, you won't have to seal the wood periodically. You won't even have to stain it if you want to let the cedar develop a silver patina. However, if you want to maintain the vibrant red color of the cedar, then you'll want to stain the fence occasionally to protect it from oxidation that turns it a gray or silver color.

Cedar Fencing Is Environmentally Friendly

The oils found in cedar repel insects, and this is one of the main advantages of using cedar for fencing. Wood-boring bugs or termites won't damage cedar like they will other types of wood. Pine that's used for fencing is usually treated with chemicals that keep bugs away. You may prefer a fence that isn't chemically treated when you have kids and pets. Plus, cedar usually comes from sustainable forests, so it's responsibly grown and managed. Cedar is an all-natural fencing material and it is environmentally friendly, which could make it a top choice for your backyard fence.

Cedar Is An Attractive Wood Species

If you want a fence that adds beauty to your property, then cedar is an excellent choice. No matter what type of wood you choose, be sure to look at sample fencing before you buy. Some of the less expensive options can be quite unattractive additions to your property due to their color and grain patterns. Cedar has tight grains and a rich red hue that make it an attractive choice that improves the appearance of your property. In addition to having a nice appearance, cedar also has a pleasant aroma due to the oils in the wood. You may enjoy catching a whiff of the aroma as it's carried on the breeze while you're lounging outside.