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Ready To Finish Your Basement? Get A Great Space Without Splurging On The Budget

Finishing a basement is one of the easiest ways to add space to your home without having to construct new walls and a foundation, but some can be worried about the cost. There are some ways you can save money when it comes to finishing the basement, and some costs you don't want to skimp on. Here are options to talk with the contractor about and to keep in mind before you start to work on the project.

Get High Quality Appliances

Be sure that you have high quality appliances in the basement. A sump pump with a water or battery backup option is a necessity, to ensure that the basement doesn't flood or get water damage. Checking heaters, hot water tanks and or other appliances that could leak or cause problems is also best before beginning the work.

Use Existing Structures

If there are existing structures that you can use to save money, try to utilize it. If you have brick, you can paint it or try to make it look like its aged. You can also paint cement blocks to look like brick or wood panels. This prevents a need for framing and drywall. You can also skip the drop ceiling and just have the roof joists painted a black, white or grey. The popular options can give the basement a more finished look.

Flooring Savings

If you are considering carpeting, look at carpet tiles that are easy to stick and place on your own. If you're doing installation and it isn't a large area, ask the carpeting companies if they have any remnants large enough for the room they can stretch and use.  Peel and stick tiles that are made to look like wood, brick, or concrete can also fast and affordable to install.

Ship Lap or Wood on the Walls

You can by faux barn wood or ship lap to put on the walls. This will look like a modern walling feature, and will be cheaper than paying to frame the wall, cover with drywall, finish the drywall and then paint. It will also be less messy.

There are a lot of different ways that you can finish your basement and have it look modern and nice, without going outside your budget. Talk with a basement renovations contractor about where you can save, what features are must haves, and how you want the basement layout to look when you are done.