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Myths About Modern Metal Roofing With Facts From The Pros

When it comes to the better types of roofing for a home, metal roofing is almost always hanging out at the top of the list as one of the most highly recommended. Nevertheless, a lot of homeowners have some negative impressions of metal roofing. Most of these negative impressions stem from relatively perpetual myths that never seem to go away no matter how much metal roofing has evolved over the years. Here is a look at some of the most common myths about modern-day metal roofing and the facts you can rely on. 

Myth: Metal roofing is just as bad about rusting and changing colors as always

The old metal roofing was barely ever painted; most of it was just straight tin formed into a sheet with small ridges to connect the panels. The metal roofing you get today is often painted with some of the most durable painted finishes, including powder-coating. These durable finishes can withstand many years without fading, rusting, or changing colors.

Myth: Modern metal roofing is heavier than the old stuff and requires structural reinforcement

This common myth comes from the fact that a lot of modern metal roofing is created with a layer of insulation on the underside. This makes the panels appear thicker, but there really is no difference in the weight; at least, not so much that structural reinforcements would be required. Most roofing panels with layers of insulation have some form of closed-cell spray foam barrier or backing, which is really lightweight. 

Myth: You can't install new types of metal roofing over old shingles

New metal can be installed over old shingles just the same as always. If the metal panels have an insulative backing, it may be recommended to remove the old shingles just to create a more uniform finish, especially if there are several layers of shingles to contend with. 

Myth: The metal roofing you get these days is nowhere near as durable

On the contrary, metal roofing these days is designed to be even more durable and long-lived than older forms of metal roofing. It is not unheard of to find roofing panels made of metal that have a 40 to 70-year life span when they are properly installed, according to State Farm. While some older metal roofing had a long life span, they were also more prone to corrosion and break down due to exposure to the elements. 

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