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5 Advantages Of Building An Amish-Style Pole Barn

If you have a need for a farm building on your property, you will need to decide what style of barn you want to construct on your property. One of the most popular styles of barns is an Amish-pole barn. A pole barn uses a post-frame wood building system and presents many advantages when it comes to choosing a building style for your barn.

Advantage #1: Quick to Build

One of the biggest advantages of installing a pole-style barn is that they are quick to build. As they don't use an intense framing process, it is easy for a post-frame builder to construct the frame necessary to get the whole structure up off the ground. The construction method takes a fraction of the time that it does to build a traditional-style barn.  

Advantage #2: Easy to Customize

Next, an Amish pole barn is easy to customize. There are lots of ways to customize a pole-style barn. You can customize the overall size of the barn. You can add a cupola to make your barn look more stylish. You can change the exterior color and wainscot of the barn. You can add insulated windows and increase the insulation of the walls. You can change the style so that the barn looks good on your property.

Advantage #3: Various Uses

It may be called a pole barn, but that doesn't mean that you have to store hay inside of it or use it as a place to protect livestock. You can use an Amish pole barn for lots of different uses. You can turn it into a garage. You can use it as a hobby shop. It can function as an oversized recreational room. Or you can use it for storage. You can even use it as a residential structure. You can shape your pole barn so that it fits whatever you need to have for an extra building on your property.

Advantage #4: Minimal Materials Required

Another advantage of a pole barn is that it doesn't require the use of a lot of material. The frame can be really wide without needing to add load-bearing walls or columns to the structure. This structure allows you to use fewer materials, saving you money and building an eco-friendlier structure.

Advantage #5: Affordable

The fact that a pole barn doesn't require as much material as a traditional barn helps bring down its cost. It also doesn't need a concrete foundation, further decreasing construction costs. Labor costs are low as well, as it doesn't take that long to build, making an Amish pole barn a very affordable way to add a structure to your property.

If you need a barn or just another functional building on your property, you should consider an Amish pole barn. It is an affordable way to build a structure using minimal materials and can be easily customized for various uses. It is quick to build and allows you to get the structure you need on your property quickly.